terms of service


snapp.me requires that all users are over 13 years old. the internet can be a scary place - this is for your own good.

pic removal

snapp.me reserves the right to remove any pic for any reason whatsoever. specifically, any pic snapped or uploaded that is offensive, infringes upon copyrights, is illegal or violates any laws, will be immediately deleted and the ip address of the pic origin will be reported to authorities. violating these terms will result result in termination of your account.

account termination

snapp.me reserves the right to ban any individual uploader or website domain from using our services for any reason. be kind to others and play nicely.

account deletion

if you delete your account, we'll delete your profile, pics, comments, and anything else that points back to you. we will not be able to restore deleted accounts.


snapp.me cannot be held liable for any damages. since the internet is not private, be smart about what you snapp and upload.


by snapping or uploading your pics to snapp.me you give us permission to use or distribute your photos on snapp.me or affiliated sites.


all pics snapped or uploaded are copyright of their respective owners. your pics are your pics.


snapp.me reserves the right to alter these terms at any time. we'll email you if there is a significant change.


this site was made for you. what do you think about these terms? please feel free to send email!